Increasing child safety is the number one priority of AllianceNow, and we believe that the key to keeping our children safe is in community connections. We aim to improve the resources available to the community by facilitating partnerships and providing services that address public issues. Right now, with the current state of the world, we are focusing on at-home resources and tools that will bring awareness, educate, and promote community. AllianceNow is able to continue in this mission through private funders and generous donations from individuals like you.

Get involved. Empower. Encourage. Educate.

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Meet Jess

As a mother, psychotherapist, martial artist, community supporter, and GPS child tracker inventor, I have spent my life advocating and protecting children. I have always strived to empower people to help themselves while also being an ally to our children. Through therapy and martial arts, I have fostered confidence in countless kids while also teaching them skills they can use to protect themselves, both emotionally and physically.

In 2020, I founded AllianceNow to continue my passion for protecting children and supporting my community. Alliance Now's mission is to ensure child safety and community protection by providing solutions, resources, and support. After years of being a child protection therapist, I know that our children face so many potential dangers. But with community involvement, we can all play a part in protecting our children and preventing harm.

Platform of Resources


Health & Safety Resources

Find the help you need to have a safe, healthy, and thriving home. Have health and safety questions you can’t find addressed here, contact us directly, and we will help you find
the help you need!


Mental Health Resources

In these trying times, many people are finding they need more support when it comes to their mental health. You’ll find a comprehensive support system here with reading material as well as links to virtual providers.


COVID-19 at home Resources

There is so much contradictory and misinformation circulating around the pandemic, it
can often leave you unsure of the best course of action. Find up-to-date at home COVID-19 resources to help keep your family safe and healthy

Community Support

Community Support

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Find local family-friendly activities happening in North Metro & Liberty. This page is updated frequently so be sure to bookmark it for future reference.



Check out these opportunities to learn about parenting, safety, self-defense, and more! List includes classes for kids and adults.



Sometimes you need a little bit of extra support. Find the help you need in this list of vetted coaches and local therapists.

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"Two great things you can give your children: one is roots, the other is wings"

Hodding Carter