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Each year the World Health Organization celebrates World Mental Health Day with the objective
to raise awareness about the necessity of mental health. It also focuses on ways that care can
be given to people around the world

Mental Health and COVID

Mental health is an even bigger issue this year since the world is dealing with the lasting
impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. While the pandemic has taken its toll on everyone, there
are some people who may be really struggling such as frontline medical workers, teachers,
those with pre-existing health conditions, those that have lost love ones, and those that are
dealing with COVID related disability. Still, others may have had a disruption in their mental
health care.

The silver lining is that governments and societies around the world are finally recognizing the
need to improve mental health services, and some countries “have found new ways of providing
mental health care to their populations.”

Dignity in Mental Health

WHO decided the theme for 2021’s World Mental Health Day is “Dignity in mental health.” Their
goal is to raise awareness of how certain mental health conditions can lead to discrimination,
marginalization, or even abuse. Another issue they hope to tackle is the lack of mental health
professionals in many areas of the world as well as the lack of quality care due to facilities that
are subpar.

Everyone deserves dignity, and WHO is looking to governments to enact policy that is human
rights-oriented and that prioritizes mental health treatment. They are pushing for proper training
of mental health professionals and informed consent policies.

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