The Rise in Homeschooling Due to COVID

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the number of kids in the U.S. who are homeschooled has almost doubled. While fear of exposure is a big concern, some parents are also jumping from the public school ship due to losing faith in the system.

According to a report from Bellwether Education Partners, 2.6 million kids switched to full-time homeschooling over the course of the pandemic, bringing the total to nearly 5 million in the country. Census data estimates 11% of American households homeschool their children.

COVID Exposed Flaws in the System

Months of virtual learning in 2020 allowed many parents to get a closer look at exactly how and what their children are learning. Many parents found it a bit lacking.

A senior analyst at Bellwether thinks that many parents want a more individualized approach for their children. Plus, many children need a more attentive educator. Teachers often have too many children in their classrooms to give individualized attention to each child.

Safety is a Concern

The pandemic and its associated health risks are an ongoing concern for many parents, especially in areas with no mask mandates or a high number of unvaccinated people. However, there are some indirect safety concerns as well.

Many families of Asian descent had to deal with rising levels of discrimination and, in some cases, violence.

A Desire for Diversity

For families of color, another reason to leave the public school system is dissatisfaction with how the schools handle social justice topics. After the protests of 2020, many schools are either doubling down on avoiding the subjects of race and racism.

A mother of three in Virginia, Torlecia Bates, explains, “As an African American, I didn’t like the way the school was addressing some of the cultural things going on.” She started homeschooling her kids during the pandemic and isn’t sure when they will return to the public school setting. “Someone asked me when I’ll return my kids to public school, and I said, ‘When I show up in the textbooks, and I’m represented well and accurately.'”

Interested in Homeschooling?

If you are considering making the switch to homeschooling your children, AllianceNow has resources to help you succeed. You can find our homeschool resources here.

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