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Partner Spotlight: Re.Use.Full

AllianceNow is working hard to ensure the safety and well-being of children everywhere which can only truly be done through community connection. Building strong partnerships in Kansas City (and beyond) is one way that AllianceNow is fulfilling its mission.

Our partnership with Re.Use.Full is one way we are building our community network.

Re.Use.Full’s mission

The organization Re.Use.Full helps the community in several ways. Its goal is to connect people with stuff to give to the nonprofits that can put that stuff to good use. Re.Use.Full’s work helps community members get rid of their unwanted items, keeps stuff that can be reused out of the landfills, and ensures that nonprofits in the area get the supplies/donations that they need.

It seems so simple, right? Re.Use.Full’s mission encourages people to live sustainably within their own communities while also providing for those in need.

Meet Leslie

Re.Use.Full was founded, under the flagship Do More Good project, by Leslie Scott.

Leslie is a well-connected professional dedicated to the nonprofit sector. She is committed to bringing about positive change in Kansas City through mentoring and entrepreneurship. She is also on a mission to increase digital literacy and improve tech training in the public education system.

To achieve her goals, Leslie draws on her experience in nonprofit management, education, and workforce development. Plus, she always seeks to view problems through the lens of intersectionality.

In addition to founding Re.Use.Full and serving on the Code for KC core team, Leslie is also an author of the children’s book Forever and Ever, a dog mom to her four pups, and can often be found experimenting with ways to upcycle empty dog food cans.

She is always looking for a new opportunity to use her extensive network for good — to be the change she wishes to see in the world.

How Can You Help Re.Use.Full?

Nonprofits and organizations like Re.Use.Full rely on community members to achieve success. If you would like to help Re.Use.Full and Leslie achieve their goals, there are several ways that you can help make a difference.

Donate your gently used items.

Next time you are cleaning out your closets or garage, consider giving your gently used items to Re.Use.Full instead of dumping them in the nearest trash can. Leslie and her team will find the perfect home for them, and you can feel good about living more sustainably!

Donate your time.

If you have time to spare, you can volunteer for Re.Use.Full. Contact Leslie and the Re.Use.Full team to see where your skills can best be used.

Interested in Partnering with AllianceNow

AllianceNow is always looking to grow its community network through mutually beneficial partnerships. If you have a business or nonprofit that you think aligns well with AllianceNow’s mission, please reach out. Founder Jess’s inbox is always open!

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