Martial arts classes instill values while helping children build confidence. The self-esteem built on the karate mat follows kids through other aspects of their life including school, social activities, and their relationships with adults.

  • Karate teaches focus and discipline which can translate to better school performance
  • Learning martial arts often pushes kids further than they think they can physically go, building self-esteem and confidence
  • Children learn how to respect others while also building respect for themselves
  • Self confidence gained in karate class often prevents a child from being bullied
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Self Defense

Self Defense

Anyone looking at crime statistics can understand the importance of self defense for women and children. In 2020, nearly 30,000 children went missing in the U.S., and the sad truth is that 1 in 4 women are assaulted during their lifetime. While self defense classes won’t completely change these numbers, they can help turn them around. Classes teach situational awareness and empower the student to use verbal and physical boundaries to protect themselves.

  • Self defense teaches you to pick up on danger cues
  • It helps you be more assertive and not shy away from confrontation
  • Classes show you physical escape techniques that can be used in various situations
  • Self defense classes teach you to de-escalate and increase your preparedness

Parent & Child

Taking parent & child classes are a great way to spend family time while learning a valuable skill. The benefits of these classes often include building a closer bond between family members, better performance at school, and an increase in confidence for everyone.

  • Creates another avenue for family connection
  • Provides a stress-relieving activity for parents and children
  • Helps participants understand their inner strengths and weaknesses
  • Promotes a lifelong active and healthy lifestyle
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Safety Awareness

Safety awareness classes help children gain an understanding of safety precautions through practical and fun activities. These types of classes help children learn essential social skills while also showing them how to communicate situations that may be dangerous. Safety awareness teaches children how to distinguish between adults who are safe, and those who may wish to do them harm.

  • Safety awareness teaches children how to identify danger or problems
  • Critical thinking skills are developed through problem-solving activities
  • These classes also help children cope with fears related to safety topics
  • Kids are taught how to talk to safe adults about dangerous situations