COVID-19 At Home Resources

There is so much contradictory and misinformation circulating around the pandemic, it can often leave you unsure of the best course of action. Find up-to-date at home COVID-19 resources to help keep your family safe and healthy.


At home Lunch services

No kid hungry, click here

Liberty Public Schools, click here

Kids Cafe, click here


Covid-19 Mental Health Resources/Tips

Family Guidebook: Do it at home Coping Skills and Activities, click here

Coping with Covid 19 workbook for kids and teens: click here

How to help teens cope during the pandemic:  click here

6 ways parents can support their kids through the covid 19 outbreak:  click here


Covid-19 Mental Health Resources_Tips
Teaching Children how to stay safe during Covid-19

Teaching Children how to stay safe during Covid-19

How to get your kids to wear a face mask- 8 tips: click here

How to teach children to stay 6 feet apart: click here

Keep children healthy during Covid-19 outbreak:  click here

How to keep your children safe online while stuck at home during the Covid-19 outbreak:  click here


At home activities for kids

Children’s Museum of Manhattan: click here

Tinkergarten: click here

Beanstalk:  click here

Scholastic Learn at Home:  click here learning at home:  click here

Khan Academy:  click here

Bored of Boredom:  click here


At home activities for kids