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Keeping children safe is the number one priority of AllianceNow, and we believe that the key to providing safety is in community connections. We aim to improve the resources available to the community by bringing awareness, facilitating partnerships, and advocating for services that address public issues.

Your donations to AllianceNow help keep this mission alive. Your generous gift can help us maintain and improve our website, provide even more educational content, and keep our resource database up to date. It also helps us continue to do community outreach and participate in projects like the One Sight program fo kids and provide sleeping bags to the homeless.

Our efforts will continue to grow, and your monetary gift helps us get there faster!

Right now, with the current state of the world, we are focusing on at-home resources and tools that will bring awareness,
educate, and promote community. AllianceNow is able to continue in this mission through private funders and generous donations from individuals like you.


Support AllianceNow by giving. Your contribution will impact children in our community! Make A Change!

A child's safety is priceless

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As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization we rely on our donors generosity to continue on the path.
We won’t stop until every child, everywhere is safe, happy, and healthy. Get involved. Speak up. Be a voice for children everywhere.

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