Mental Health Resources

In these trying times, many people are finding they need more support when it comes to their mental health. You’ll find a comprehensive support system here with reading material as well as links to virtual providers.

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Welcome to Synergy, click here

Operation Breakthrough, click here

Hillcrest Platte County Family Assistance- HPC, click here

Sunflower House, click here

Mental Health Resources

Sleep Hygiene, click here

To find your Wellness Connection- Villalobos Vitality, click here

For a list of HELP Hotlines in the US, click here

To find a mental health facility in your area, click here

Mental Health Effects of vision issues, click here

Mental Health
Mental Health Virtual Resources

Mental Health Virtual Resources

Therapy Aid, click here

Bliss: click here

SAMHSA’s National Helpline: click here

DBSA:, click here

Teen Counseling: click here

Synergy eTherapy: click here

7Cups: click here

Children’s Bureau: click here

Better Help: click here

Tri-County Mental Health Services: click here

Truman Med: click here